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Nurses are instrumental staff at nearly every medical clinic, center, and hospital. Yet the proper appreciation for nurses is hard to see when they file for workers’ compensation. Many insurance companies make it difficult for nurses to get the workers’ comp benefits that they deserve, even when the related claims are sound.

At Reinhardt | Harper | Davis, we are proud to stand up for injured nurses throughout Virginia. If you have a workers’ compensation claim to file, leave it up to our experienced team. If you already filed a claim and it was challenged for any reason, we can discuss the next steps to take to a hearing or negotiate a settlement. No matter what, we want to secure the benefits or compensation that you deserve as a hardworking nurse, registered nurse, or nurse practitioner.

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Common Nurse Injuries at Work

Working as a nurse can place you in many different situations by the hour. As such, many different types of accidents and injuries are often reported by nurses across the country.

Work-related accidents suffered by nurses can include:

  • Lacerations from medical instruments
  • Back injuries from lifting or moving patients
  • Knee injuries from lifting or falling
  • Assault injuries caused by unruly patients
  • Occupational illnesses like diseases from contagious patients
  • Mental health issues due to workplace stressors

Our attorneys can work on cases that involve all sorts of work-related injuries suffered by nurses. We can even network with third-party medical professionals who can corroborate the cause of your injury or further clarify its severity and consequences to the court.

Are Nurse Injuries Covered by Workers’ Comp?

If you have workers’ compensation insurance, then nearly any injury that you suffered in the scope of your employment should be covered by it. The key is proving that your injury happened due to your work and not another reason. For example, if you fell and hurt your head while setting up a patient’s bed, then it might be necessary to prove that your head injury happened this way and not due to a slip and fall suffered at your own home.

It is common for insurance companies to say that injuries happened outside the workplace, so you need to be ready to counter their challenges. The simplest way to prepare for any challenges – and to know if your injury is covered by workers’ compensation at all – is to talk with our team. Dial (804) 294-2966 whenever you need our help.

Workers’ Comp Benefits for Injured Nurses

As an injured nurse, you could be owed a variety of workers’ compensation benefits. It depends on the details of your case, though, such as your coverage and the type and severity of your injury. We would be happy to review your workers’ compensation insurance policy to see what is rightfully owed to you.

Typically, workers’ compensation benefits for nurses will include:

  • Coverage for all necessary medical treatments.
  • Partial wage replacement until work can safely resume.
  • Added benefits if the claimant suffered a permanent disability.

Our attorneys might be able to secure the benefits originally owed to you. We can help you file an initial workers’ compensation claim, too, which should minimize the risk of the claim being denied. If your workers’ comp claim as an injured nurse was already rejected, then we can file a claim for a hearing to get you the benefits you deserve or to force the carrier to consider settlement.

Do You Have to Tell Your Employer About the Injury?

If you are hurt on the job as a nurse, you will need to tell your employer about it within 30 days. At this step in the workers’ comp process, some nurses can run into unexpected challenges, not from the insurance company but their employer. Some medical employers might tell an injured or ill nurse that the job comes with known risks, so workers’ compensation does not apply. This is not true. Known risk or not, if you are hurt due to the scope of your employment, you should have the right to file for workers’ compensation benefits.

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