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Workers’ Compensation Claims for Injured Police Officers in Virginia

Reinhardt | Harper | Davis proudly supports and thanks law enforcement officers and agencies across Virginia for helping keep our communities safer. If you are a Virginia police officer and you were injured in the line of duty, then we want to hear from you. A workers’ compensation claim could help you recover and get back on the beat without draining your personal finances. With our guidance, you can file and pursue your claim with confidence. We are also available to help the families of brave fallen officers.

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Common Causes of Police Officer Injuries

As a police officer, you already know that your job can be dangerous. Even when the people you interact with while on duty are cooperative and kind, there can still be a variety of job-related hazards and accident risks. Our law firm is here to help officers who have suffered injuries for a variety of reasons, so you don’t have to worry about whether your case should be brought to our law firm.

Many police officer injury reports involve:

  • Violent interactions: When someone is acting violently or otherwise endangering the public, it is a police officer’s duty to de-escalate and control the situation. Particularly violent offenders can assault the officers, resulting in a range of injuries from uncomfortable to life-threatening.
  • Traffic collisions: Virginia police officers who spend most of their day behind the wheel of a patrol car also spend their days at a higher-than-normal risk of traffic collisions caused by negligent and reckless motorists. The risk of a crash only goes up further if an officer must engage in a motor vehicle pursuit to catch a fleeing criminal suspect.

Virginia Police Officer Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to get you back to work as soon as possible by providing the care and coverage you need to recover comfortably. However, the benefits are only available to police officers who were injured in the scope of their employment.

Workers’ compensation benefits that might be available to Virginia police officers include:

  • Wage replacement: A portion of the wages you didn’t have a chance to earn due to being injured could be provided each week.
  • Medical care: Any costs associated with medical treatments that you need for your on-the-job injury should be fully covered by workers’ compensation, including months or years of specialized care.
  • Death benefits: A fallen police officer can still take care of their family through workers’ comp death benefits. Depending on the situation, death benefits will usually cover burial expenses and continue to provide a portion of the fallen officer’s wages and benefits to the family for a set duration.

How Do I Know If My Injuries are Covered by Workers’ Comp?

Police officer injuries are only eligible for workers’ compensation coverage if the injury was suffered in the scope of your employment. In other words, you must have been doing something related to your job as a police officer when you suffered an injury for you to file for workers’ comp.

Oftentimes, it is clear that the injury was caused by the circumstances of the job, like suffering an injury while being assaulted by a suspect. When the connection is not as clear, though, the insurance company could make trouble for the injured officer and demand to see proof of the injury’s cause. For this reason and more, we always recommend that you call {F:P:Sub:Phone} to get legal help at the start of your Virginia police officer workers’ compensation claim.

What Virginia Police Officers Get Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation benefits should be provided to all law enforcement officers and staff throughout Virginia, regardless of department or tenure. Even day-one rookies should be covered due to the inherent risks of the job. Again, the key detail is how your injury happened and if it is work-related.

We can help these officers and others in different roles file police workers’ comp claims:

  • City or municipal police officers
  • State-level police officers
  • Highway patrol officers
  • Sheriff’s department officers

Our attorneys can make sure that your claim is filed correctly, no matter where you work.

Will the Police Union Help?

Do you belong to a police union like the Virginia State Police Association? The union might offer assistance with workers’ compensation claims and benefits, but we don’t recommend that you rely only on those services. Union representatives often work on numerous cases at once, leaving very little time to give your case the attention that it deserves.

By taking your case to Reinhardt | Harper | Davis, you can be certain that it will get the full attention of highly experienced legal professionals. We can cooperate and coordinate with your police union where needed, too.

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