Samuel’s Success Story

Samuel’s Success Story

As Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, we support our clients through their worst moments following an accident. We see them while they are in pain, facing financial difficulties, and struggling to adjust to their life, while also coping with the effects of their injuries. While we are fighting their claim, which can often take a long time to be resolved, we see them struggling with depression, crippling anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We are consistently amazed by the strength and resilience our clients demonstrate as they work to recover from their injuries. Samuel M. is one of those clients. Samuel was involved in a terrible motor vehicle collision while he was at work. His right leg was amputated and he sustained devastating injuries to his left leg and his right arm. Not surprisingly, Samuel developed severe depression and PTSD that didn’t improve with treatment.

In an effort to help provide him with hope, we recently told Samuel about another client of ours who had sustained amputation injuries to both legs in a work site accident. During his recovery, this client had been fitted for prosthetic running blades that allowed him to not only walk, but resume exercising and even running. Samuel was intrigued with the idea of a prosthetic leg that would allow him to regain more function so we urged him to discuss this with his doctor. His doctor agreed and recommended the newer prosthesis. At that point we pursued it in his claim, and the insurance company finally allowed Samuel to move forward with this plan.

Samuel was fitted with the new prosthetic leg and began training on how to use it. Then an amazing thing happened, as he gained new confidence, his mood improved significantly, and his depression finally began to loosen its hold on him. He finally began to see a brighter future for himself following his accident. For Samuel, success in his case had nothing to do with how much money we settled for, but everything to do with the impact we had on our client by fighting for him to obtain the best possible medical treatment.

We are so proud of Samuel’s progress. Samuel was kind enough to allow us to share his story in hopes that it could help provide hope to someone else going through a similar situation. These photos are of Samuel training with his new prosthesis. If you had ever seen or interacted with Samuel before this new leg, you would be shocked at the change in his demeanor. It has been a pleasure working with Samuel.

We encourage all of our clients to never give up and to keep fighting. We promise to stand beside you and support you every step of the way.

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