Vocational Rehabilitation In Workers’ Comp Cases

Vocational Rehabilitation In Workers’ Comp Cases

Workers’ compensation is almost always a very frustrating process for the injured worker. There are many delays involved, and your right to healthcare benefits and disability payments are often litigated in the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. There are clear injustices involved in this delay while waiting for a doctor appointment, a diagnostic test, a necessary operation, or disability checks.

When you finally obtain the necessary medical treatment and disability payments, the frustration and litigation is not over. Once your doctor releases you to some type of light duty work, the employer and insurance carrier may offer you a light duty position. It is very important to accept that light duty offer.

If the employer and insurance company may also insist that you undergo vocational rehabilitation. This can be a frustrating process for the injured worker. You may need to periodically meet with a vocational counselor of the insurance company’s choice to complete job applications, build a resume, go to job fairs, and other efforts to return to work. Many times, these jobs are not the positions that you desire. However, it is critically important that you continue to meet and communicate with the vocational counselor. Always remember that if the employer or its insurance company believe that you are not complying with the vocational rehabilitation process, they can file an application to terminate your disability checks.

While vocational rehabilitation can be a frustrating process, there are Guidelines published by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission to govern this process. You can review these Guidelines at the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission’s website. If your disability checks are stopped because of a vocational rehabilitation issue, it is important to act immediately.

If you are undergoing vocational rehabilitation and would like to discuss this process with us, call us to discuss how you should proceed.

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